@What Makes A Marriage To Last


1.Marriage is said to be a union between a man and a womanl;
2.Marriage could be the coming together of a man and a woman to form a husband and a wife.
3.Marriage is the comming together of two people a man and a woman from different background to become one person.
4.Marriage is the comming together of a man and a woman as husband and wife for pro-creation.
A marriage that has all the four quality defination of marriage listed above will last even in face of all tribulations and trials in marriage. Marriage is like a coin of two sides which has joy and pain mixed together on different side but depend on you which side of the coin you allow to surface.
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A broken marriage does no one any good, even the litle ones who were suppose to be with their two parents suffer terribly, missing a lot of parental care.
For better understanding we shall divide the article into three:
A. General Virtues for men and women
B. Virtues applicable for women
C. Virtues applicable for men
These are virtues that can make marriage last and which are applicable to both men and women:
1. RIGHT PARTNER: When we talked about lasting marriage, it starts with right partner in marriage. A wrong partner in marriage will always make God's given gifts which is marriage to become a thing of regret, bitter and sorrow. Marriage can never thrive or become interesting with a wrong choice of persons or uncompatible persons in relationship. More of this can be found athttp://superhealth.hubpages.com/hub/Finding-The-Right-Partner-In-Marriage
2. SINCERITY AND TRUTHFULNESS: Sincerity and truthfulness is the second most important thing necessar for a lasting marriage.
This is whereby the partners need to open up to one another about who they are. Let your partner know you very well before marriage, even if you are a demon or an angel, poor or rich ,let him or her know. And if he or she goes ahead to love you the way you are, then tomorrow it wouldn't be a thing of surprise when he or she sees you that way.
3. PRE-MEDICAL TEST RESULT BEFORE MARRIAGE: A good wedlock always goes with a medical test result before marriage. This is a way to avoid sickle-cell anaemia in our children,by not encouraging some genotype to marry, eg AS/SS or SS/SS. Healthy children give joy and gladness of heart to their parents.
Sickle cell children are very expensive to take care of and most time they die young causing heart breaking to their parents.
4. FORGIVENESS: For a marriage to last , the couple must learn to forgive one another and not only that, I mean forgive and forget. This is because we are all human, and it said that "It is human to err and divine to forgive. We must offend one another one day some way or some how.
5. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: This is a step up in marrital relationship where husband and wife loves one another for better and for worse until death do them part. You no longer love your partner because of one particular thing that you cherish so much about him or her.
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