Heart Break In a Relationship

Love and Relationship

Love and Relationship between a man and a woman or lady are one of the comonest thing in the world today especially among our youths, those who are longing for their life partners. Love and Relationship are always the key factor to marriages. It sound very sweet and lovely and it is always exciting to do. Love and Relationship have led many to proper marriage today.
Love and Relationship is also very risky thing to venture into in that many men and women who had experienced the bitter part of love and relationship would never want to have anything to do with love and relationship again. Beside, many have died, commited suicide and murder as a result of heart break.
Not all broking relationships are heart break, because it is all about separation between the parties whereby each person goes his or her own way.
There are heart break in a relationship which when it occure, one person either the man or the woman will be at the receiving end which is sorrow, pain and tears. This person will feel like the world should just come to an end. AND I ASK WHY?
-When the man or the woman affected has spent so much years in relationship expecting a nice end and instead a break up.
-When the man or the woman has given so much or every thing he or she has, especially money or material things in the relationship expecting nice end and instead a break up.
-When one of the party especially the woman has giving up her virginity or her body to her lover expecting love and instead a break up.
-When a man or a woman has gotten deep in love and relationship and then feels secure with his or her lover and expecting good turn out and instead a break up.
If you have never experienced a heart break in your life, These are how it use to look like:
1. when sweet love turns sour by one person of the relationship, the affected person feels like commiting suicide and go.
2. When sweet love turns sour, the affected person will want to hate anything called man if the affected person is a woman, and if the affected person is a man he will see all women as a devil.
3. When love turns sour, you will see the affected person feelling like destroying any thing that binds them together,eg, like ring, documents etc
4. Wnen love turns sour, the affected person may want to kill or main the other party in the relationship.
5. When sweet love turns sour the affected person may want to hate and curse whoever has introduce them or the day they meet each other, and things like these.


Let us take some questions:
-Are you in love ?
-for how long have you been in love with that guy or that lady?
-Have you ever dream of heart break in that relationship?
-Try and imaging this.....What is going to happen if you walk up to this guy or this lady one day and found out that she or he is no longer interested in the relationship, what are you going to do .. or how will you feel ?.
We are human beings and not super beings and we are proned to changes or being carried away by one fantasy or the other.....well it is only by the grace of God almighy and that is why we always say "By God's grace".
I guess it is time for you to take some measures to avoid Heart Break in that relationship.
1. Do not allow courtship for too long: Let your partner know what you want in that relationship. And find out on him or her if he or she is willing to grant you what you want in that relationship.
Do not be carried away with money, material things or any enjoyment associated with the relationship. And if he or she is not willing to go into marriage with you after ONE GOOD YEAR of relationship..Why not back out.
2. Do not double date: Some people double date in the sense that if A fails, they will grab B or vice versa. But it is dangerous because it can make you loose both because you can not chase two birds at the same time.
3.No prostitution : When you give youself to a man, especially Ladies, and you are always requesting for money,gold or silver in return, the man will see you not different from prostitute and feels that he is paying you for what he is enjoying from you.
4.Try to avoid pre-marital sex by all means possible: This will save you from a lot of testers or samplers out there who goes about in the name of love jumping from one woman to another. but never ready to settle down with any.
5. Do not love foolishly when you are not yet married: Loving foolishly is when a lady will go and empty his bank account for a guy in the name of love or " I WILL MARRY YOU" which is never authentic. Loving foolishly is when a man will be sponsoring a lady to school or to one expensive venture or the other when they are not yet married.
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1. Do not coninue to be sorrowful,or weeping especially when you are not the cause of the break up: Please if you are the cause of the break up go and ask for his or her forgiveness
2.Believe in your mind that you can make it to become a father or mother without him or her.
2. Commit your self to prayer and ask God to speak to you and for you and never you think of suicide attempt at all.
3.Put your self together once again and move on with your life: You should dress well. eat well,sleep well, and relate well.
4.Try to put behind you all painful experiences you got in the relationship.
5. Do not allow anyone to push you around. And keep loving people because you do not know who is God's sent for you.


Love and relationship are very exciting when all things are moving fine, it can also be horrible when it turns to become a sad experience.
Try to avoid heart break in that relationship with your fiance or fiancee for prevention is better than cure. Know it that until there is a proper marriage rite , you are not to relax in the relationship or love in totality so that you do not become a victim of love and circumstance.
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