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Right Partner In Marriage

Many marriages today are suffering as a result of incompatible couples. Before a marriage stands the couple must be compatible to themselves.
In Nigeria, among these suffering marriages are the women who were giving in to marriage during the last civil war of the 1960s. These women were giving in to marriages against their consent or wishes as their parents or ward were afraid of the inversion of the soldiers who were kidnapping the ladies, especially the beautiful ones among them. In those days many of them were taking away by the soldiers and was forced to become their wife.
The implication is that in todays Nigeria, many of the women suffered terribly in the hands of their husband who took them by force during the war and, it was so because the marriage has no true love in it. The deed has been done and they have got children for their husbands.
In our todays world the youths should learn from their parents and be wise in their choices of life partner because one of the greatest mistake any one can make in life is making a wrong choice of partner in marriage.
There are a lot of things that can influence ones choices of life partner. eg
Factors That Influences Choice Of Partner In Marriage
-Lust for love
-Money and Wealth
-Beauty and Handsomeness
-Body shape or physic
-Parental or family pressure
-Pity or fear
Knowing or being aware of these factors can help one in making the right choice in marriage.

making the right choice
making the right choice

Wrong Ways To Make Choice Of Marriage Partner

There are a lot of wrong ways people use to find their partner in marriage which after the marriage they will discover that they have made a serious mistake.
1. Do not allow parents or family pressure or demand to influence your choice of person: Although they can advise you, but make sure you are convinced beyond all reasonable doubts before you can go by their advice.
2.Gift and Financial Assistance: That somebody helped or have been helping you or assisting you financially does not suggest him or her to be your perfec match in marriage. He or she may be doing those things while expecting something in return.
3.Sexual Satisfaction: That somebody is very good in bed or in having sex does not guarrantee him or her to be a right partner for you in marriage or in husband and wife.
4. Riches and Wealth : Riches and Wealth are good in marriage, but can never guarranttee a perfect marriage partner or happy marriage. For many have made this mistake and today they are in regret wishing to have married a poor man.
5.Lust For Love :Many people today missed their right man or woman and went after a wrong choice for what they called LOVE, which is never love but lust. That you saw somebody for the first time especially, and like the person, perhaps due to beauty,handsomeness, sexual gratification, hight or body shape, eloquence in speech, etc does not guarranttee a right partner in marriage.
6. Spirituality and Standard Of Education: That someone is very spiritual or is a pastor or that he or she has attain a high standard of education does not make him to be a right marriage partner for you.

1. MAKE GOOD PERIOD OF COURTSHIP: This is a good period to sturdy your partner very well to know if actually two of you are compatible in marriage or not. It is not a time to give your self to your partner for sex or being carried away with sexual relation and getting pregnant and doing several abortions.
2. TRY TO FIND OUT IF YOUR PARTNER HAS A PURE FEELING FOR YOU: This is a period when to know if you partner really love you from his or her heart or if he or she is after just getting married or if he or she is after your wealth or just sleeping with you. And you can find out this by denying him or her yourself several times and watching his or her reactions.
3.FIND OUT IF HE OR SHE HAS A WORTHY AMBITION THAT SUIT MAKING A FAMILY: This is where you find out if your partner is a lazy one or a hard working person. For even if you are rich your partner should be that man or woman that can work hard to make out something if you are not there....You should not encourage him or her to be lazy. A MAN OF AMBITION TODAY THAT IS POOR CAN BE RICH TOMORROW.
4.CAN YOU BE PROUD OF HIM OR HER: If you can not or will never be proud of your partner, it will be better not to get married to him or her. And if you partner can not be proud of you, do not marry him or her, for two of you can not make good husband and wife.


Marriage is an institution of learning process between a man and a woman. It has so much !!
The above written tips are gotten from several marrital experiences,conflicts and teachings which can be benefitial to up coming marriages especially the young ones who are about to enter the marriage institution- for their betterment. You can give it a trial...!
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