Virtues That Work Magic In Marriages

Virtues In Marriage

Virtues are qualities that make something to stay or that make something to happen. I mean in marriage. There are virtues applicable to women in marriage and there are those applicable to men in marriage.
Marriage is instituted by God from the begining of creation when he made them male and female, so therefore marriage should be respected by all, husbands, wives and children and that is why God said that what he has joined together let no one put an assunder.
Marriage is only an institution where the rule of mathematics were defied, I mean where 1+1=1, instead of 2, God said that the two shall become one.
Necessities In Marriage
1. Sacrifice And Compromise
Marriage needs a sacrifice and compromise for it to stand in the first place, without it the marriage will be charracterised with a lots of argument, disagreements and fighting at all time. Sacrifice and compromise starts from when the couple declare to one another "Yes I Do" before witnesses at the marriage rite. And without a sacrifice and compromise the marriage will not stand because the the man and woman will have to sacrifice and compromise alot of things they are known for just for the marriage to stand.
One must be submissive to another at all time and one must listen to another.A woman should be submissive to her husband, while a man should put aside his pride,age,reputation or figures before his wife and a woman should do desame, no junior or senior in marriage, for they are equal.
2. Marriage Bond: This is what made the man and the woman to be known as a couple- they are legally joind together as husband and wife.
For the marriage bond to be a perfect one, there must be:
-The couple must be up to marriageable age
-There must be an intention to be married from both of the couple
-There must be a parental support from both side
-There must be a proper marrital rite and dowry paid accompanied with blessings from the parents.
When these two necessary things are in place, then let the husband and wife use these qualities below to brace their marriage union.
marriage bond
marriage bond

Qualities Of Women That Make Marriages Last

1.Fear of God : A woman that has the fear of God in her has at least 70 percent of what it takes to make a marriage last because the Holy Bible says that the fear of God is the begining of wisdom.
2. submission: The wife should be submissive to her husband, no matter who the husband is in status. She should listen to her husband and work toward pleasing the husband and making him happy because by so doing she too can be happy.
3.Tolerance: A woman should learn to tolerate her husband in every espect of his weaknesses, because by so doing she will maintain peace in the home between her, the husband and the children.
4.Protective: A wife should learn to protect her husband before other people, no matter what she heard her husband has done. Although she can scold her husband correctively and privately at home when they are together.
5. Food at the right time: A wife should learn to cook the husband taste of food and make sure the food is available at the right time for the husband to eat. And at table they should eat together.
6. Welfare: A good wife should be concern about the husband welfair, the kind of clothe the husband puts on, the washing and the husband's way of dressing and welfare in general.
7.Illicit affairs: A good wife should avoid affairs that is or will not be of any good to her marriage or that the husband will frown at.
8.Nagging: A nagging woman will always cause worry and pain to the husband at most times and this can diminish the love between the couples.
9.Hospitable:It is wise for a wife to be hospitable in welcoming her husband when the man comes back home and offer him good meal and comfort first before any thing like questioning or grievances that can tense the man and this should be extended to her visitors too.
10.Contentment:A woman that is contented will save her marriage, her self and her husband. Contentment saves resources and healthy marriages.

Qualities Of Men That Make Marriages Last

1.God Fearing: The husband that has the fear of God will always have a goddly familly. Let him be truthful at all times and let his yes and no be trusted.
2.Love and Caring: A husband of the house should be loving and caring to his wife and children. He should care about their feelings,joy and pain and also their comfort. He should appreciate his wife and family above every other things.
3. Ability To provide For the Family: A husband that is capable to put a food on the table in the house will always be respected by the wife and children. He should be hard working and not o be lazy.
4.He Should Be A Problem Solver: He should be look upon for a solution in the house in any matter beyound the capacity of the wife and children. He should be able to profer solutions to a lot of things.
5. He Should Lead By Example: A husband of the house should lead while others follow. He should show a exemplary life style for the children and wife to emulate, both spiritually, and socially, and the ones he can not do very well he should be able to encourage them.
6. Fidelity : A husband that is faithful to his wife and children will save himself from a lot of problems and his family from pains and break ups. He should shorn extra-marrital affair, for it will do him no good.

Marriage Is Unique

Marriage is the only institution whereby a grown up man will become like a boy because his wife will then becomes a mother to him. And woman becomes like a girl because the husband will then becomes a father to her.
Marriage is the one and only institution where joining together is for better and for worse untill death do part. And anything short of that is no longer the sacred marriage instituted by God. This is why anybody going into marriage should be careful in the kind of person he or she is choosen to live with as husband or wife.
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